My Poetry


The house that stands here
Embraces my fear 
It casts its shade
While sunbeams fade

Crickets sing, unseen
They set the scene
The wine you bring
A peace offering

I touch your skin
I reach within
I try and feel
If I can steal

A piece of heart
Catch you off guard
That inner bit
Where worries sit

Should I provide
A change of tide
Should I defrost
Before it’s lost

You sip your wine
Say we’ll be fine
We close the door
I say no more

In the starry sky
Satellites shoot by
We welcome the night
And hide in plain sight

Kaat Martens


You’re not an escape
You’re just an idea
You are what I shape
You’re just an ideal

I entertain
The thought of you
I may leave or remain
In this fantasy

An illusion of rest
An island of hope
In a shaky world
Where I walk the rope

I won’t disturb
The calm you have found
I’ll stay composed
My feet on the ground

But all the while
I’ll be over here
Keeping you warm
In my mind, my dear

It’s just a dream
A life not real
You won’t even notice
It’s no big deal

I may linger there
Stretched out like a cat
But it’s still only thoughts
Nothing wrong with that

Kaat Martens

Space Man

My man my moon
My shining star
I boarded your space ship
We’ve travelled so far

You aim for the stars
The moon is too low
You’re a shooting rocket
Never ceasing to glow

The ride is thrilling
The universe vast
I’ll follow you always
All others outclassed

But once in a while
Let’s stop to admire
The wonder in small things
and let them inspire

I’ll be your Yoda
You’ll be the one who explores
You set out the navigation
And I’ll show you where to pause

Kaat Martens


We say love is simple
And in your arms I agree
You make me believe it
You’re like a force pulling me

But while you discover
The woman I hide
While you mend my lover
Something sleeps inside

My love is layered
Years to hold
Even I am unsure
How it will unfold

It hurts when pulled
Like a bandaid too quick
Although you pull gently
My skin’s not so thick

So let’s take time
Just you and me
Let’s fold into each other
Let’s just be

Kaat Martens


I love to give
I love to take
To love is to live
So life’s at stake
I need to feel in every vein
That I am yours
So let me reign
I want all in, I won’t hold back
I’ll be your muse, your love sound track
I’ll love you heaps, abundantly
So tell me now… Can you handle me?

Kaat Martens


You are my new addiction
Touched upon my friction

Creeping somewhere silently
Desire growing patiently

You see through me or you strive
I’m exposed but so alive

So peaceful when you’re there
Comforted in your care

So loud inside my head
All the words unsaid

Kaat Martens


You’re back! You’re back!
You’ve come to me
You’re back! You’re back!
So I can be

While unrest grew
Inside of me
I waited for you

You offered your hand
when the waves hit hard
I held on tight
My gentle life guard

On your shoulder I rest
I am me and enough
You’re a haven of peace
When the sea gets rough

You’re back! You’re back!
Come sit with me
We’ll look for clear skies
Navigating the sea

Kaat Martens